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May, 2022

Pitching Rule and Rookies Helmets!

First: Regarding local rules for Rookies: “The player playing the pitcher position will wear a helmet with a face guard.”

A few things here:

·         This rule applies to the Rookies level ONLY. Not T-Ball, Minors, Majors, or Seniors. Rookies ONLY.

·         This rule has been in place for over 12 years. It is NOT new.

·         Parents & coaches do not have a choice as to whether a Rookies pitcher will wear a helmet and face guard. It is a rule. It is mandatory.

·         Any player in any division may choose to wear a face mask.


Second: The pitching rule! (Rule 8.00)

Here is a video I made detailing the pitching rule. Please watch!


During the first two weeks of play, we have witnessed multiple violations of the pitching rule, especially in the Majors division. We as umpires have been lenient in enforcement to this point, because girls are learning how to pitch and it’s everything they can do to get it over the plate. That said, we will need to start enforcing it as written, and if we send a team to the International Tournament, the pitching rule will be strictly enforced.

Please pull out the book, and read Rule 8.00 in order. It essentially walks through the pitching process and how to do it legally. Some things that we have seen so far:

·         Taking the rubber with hands together

·         Once on the rubber, separating and hands and bringing them together multiple times.

·         Stepping backwards *after* bringing the hands together

·         Starting, stopping, and restarting the pitching motion

·         Getting into the pitching position before the catcher is in position

·         Rocking backwards and not maintaining contact with the rubber

Pitching is all about habits. Build habits that are consistent with the rules and you will be in good shape. Conversely, illegal habits are really hard to break. I encourage all of you to take some time with your pitchers and the rulebook, and make sure their delivery is legal. As always, I am happy to answer any questions that you may have!


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